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Raymond Loewy for Westinghouse Columaire Skyscraper Grandmother Clock Radio

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Art Deco Design in 1931 by Raymond Loewy for RCA Westinghouse.  Lowey one of the most prominent industrial designers of the 20th century. At the time, Westinghouse was the frontrunner for all of the copycat Skyscraper radios to follow. This statuesque and collectible piece features the warmth of a tube radio AND a clock. The tube radio and clock were recently restored along with the refinished cabinet. It is now ready for another 90-100 years of service. This is Art Deco History that is beautiful to gaze upon and only requires about one square foot of floor space! One of the best restorations I’ve seen on this model.


Raymond Loewy for Westinghouse Columaire Jr Skyscraper Grandmother Clock/Radio



Raymond Fernand Loewy [Nov. 5, 1893 – July 14, 1986] was an American industrial designer born in France.  The “Man who shaped America” and one of the “thousand makers of the 20th century” designed everything from cutlery and fine china,  many company logos, to cars, locomotives, and airplanes. His radio designs include the Colonial “New World” Globe 702 (1933), the Hallicrafters SX-42 (1946), the  Emerson 520 Catalin (1946), Emerson 511, 517, 541 “Moderne” (1947), Emerson 561A (1949).



60″ T x 13.5″ W x 11.5″ D

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