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Marble Art Deco Clock with Stepped Design

Item #2415 SOLD

This two toned Art Deco marble and onyx mantle clock from France is a classic with its  iconic “stepped up” design. It also features the wonderful clock face so popular in the 1920s which shows the hours in an interesting arrangement with the numbers varying in size to create a “sunburst” effect with a small 11, 12 and 1 and then the large 2,3 and 4.


The glass window opens in the front to wind the clock with an oversized key which is included. It is not necessary to wind every day like a watch… for this is  an “eight day wind” so once a week is really perfect. The brass cover swings open in the back to set the clock and its pendulum movement and chime.






11″ Tall
17″ Wide at the Base
4.5″ Deep

Price (USD)

$ 1,000
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