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Grunow 750 "World Cruiser" (1935) Tombstone Restored Bluetooth Radio

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750 was Grunow’s top-of-the-line table radio in 1935. This large seven-tube, three-band (SB, SWx2) beauty sported twin gangs on the AM tuner for greater sensitivity and lots of volume through the original 8-inch Grunow speaker. Their cabinet work played second fiddle to no one, and the 750 is no exception. All of the capacitors were replaced. The resistors and tubes checked and replaced where needed. The cabinet was stripped and refinished it using the best grain fillers, toners and lacquer. The original knobs were retained, including the impossible-to-replace band selector switch.


This radio includes an aux input cable so you can play your favorite tunes or Old Time Radio shows using a CD player, computer, iPod, Smartphone, Bluetooth.





20″H x 16-1/4″W x 12″D

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