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Striking Art Deco Mantle Clock with mixed wood and brass detail

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This clock is a marvelous example:  mixed use of woods including Oak and Macassar, a face plate that is high style and stamped in brass and an angled design.  An eight day key movement in this  clock means it needs only to be wound once a week and no electrical plug or wires,  so it will have a clean and stylish look on a mantle, buffet or desk.


Every country has it’s own contribution to the Art Deco Style. While they all share similar elements (that’s what makes them all “Deco” after all), each country came to the party at a different time and used materials and influences that made it unique. The Dutch Deco (or “Amsterdam School” rose to prominence in the early years of the style…with a little bit of “Arts and Crafts”and “Jugenstil” point of view.


Just to get you in the mood to “Go Dutch” here are some examples of Dutch Expressionism/ Amsterdam School:




The most famous is the Tuchinsky Theatre




And here is a spectacular synthesis of Dutch Deco Architecture utilizing original brass and iron work taken from the Parisian Department Store Le Bon Marche which was the most amazing Deco Interior. When it was remodeled , Sauna Deco was able to capture these pieces and work them into their decor.






12.5″ W x 9″ T x 5.5″ D

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$ 1,200
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