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Belfast Glo Dial Sparkling Water Neon Table Clock

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Belfast Glo Dial Sparkling Water Neon Table Clock,  a faithful reproduction of a very hard-to-find table clock in the rare red, blue, white, and black dial. In perfect condition and able to easily adjust (turn the neon light on/off) and serve as a perfect example of the Art Deco era of a very highly sought-after neon clock. Typically you see the larger green neon wall clocks which are more common than the desk version shown here.


The GloDial company made several of the classic styles of clocks. Based in L.A., they also produced clocks in New York City and Danville, Ill. The main styles they produced were clocks with a back-painted glass cover, a black face, with white numbers. They typically had green neon. However, this style did vary significantly. They also produced tabletop clocks, clocks with external neon tubes (rings or words), and produced more basic clocks within larger neon signs.


Belfast Sparkling WaterBelfast Sparkling Water



11″ T x 8″ w x 8″ D

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$ 1,600
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