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Crystal and Silver Art Deco 3 Piece Tantalus

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An Elegant Art Deco Silver and Crystal Tantalus Decanter Set with lock and key and rack . Three cut crystal liquor decanters are housed in a silver bracket making it wonderful  for display  and  for serving . “Tantalus” is a mythological figure…and the name of this type of collected bottles on a rack refers to the fact that the liquor is “tantalizing” and appealing…yet  ”locked away” and not easily attainable.


But then  with  just a twist of the wrist the lock pops open and the silver arms open to allow the bottles to be removed from the rack ! The key has a gold metal tassel and the base has a great fluted design, resting on silver ball feet. There are no markings on this piece but is most likely of British design as the whole concept of the “tantalus” was created in England .


After all, one simply does not want the downstairs servants to get into the upstairs Sherry, does one? 



photo scenes from Downton Abbey 



11.5” T x 14” W
Bottles 9.5″ T x 3″ D x 3” W

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