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Art Deco Decanter Set in Red and Clear Czech Crystal

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A beautiful Bohemian Art Deco Cut Crystal decanter that is “wheel carved” and enameled.  This set is attributed to the master of this era of design

from the early 1930s, Karl Palda. Its a nice interplay between the the deep “V” chevron shaped  geometric design on the glasses and the playful and undulating curved lines on the decanter with its soft, rounded corners


Stylized bubbles and floral forms have been etched into the rich burgundy red and this is such a nice example of the highly collectible decanter sets that are a classic piece of useful decor for your home.


Czechoslovakia was (and is) famous for its cut glass work ,though much of it is very old fashioned  and ornamental.  Karl Palda brought a whole new and refreshing sense of style to the glass creations. It was modern, cubist and avant grade in the 1930s . It can be fully appreciated today!



Benito Illustration



Decanter 7 inches tall, 5 inches wide
Glasses 2 inches tall

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