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Very Rare Charles Catteau Art Deco Pelican Vase

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An extremely rare Boch Belgian cloisonné animal piece. It is very special these days to even have the opportunity buy something as unusual as this perfect Catteau vase. This is certainly a collectors piece! As you might know, the “animal” decorative vases completed during the tenure of Charles Catteau are the most sought after of all the Boch pieces that were produced between 1920 and 1945. . The substantial piece stands 14.5 tall, a classic Boch shape, about 26″ in diameter. This is a stunning design, showing the classic Pelican in many different positions. I have personally photographed Pelicans many times (I live across from a bird sanctuary and these caricatures are spot on). I have only seen this piece once before, in a book. There have been some catalogues and books done specifically on these collections showing animals portrayed in many studied classic positions. Hopefully this will find its way into the right home or collection. It bears the circular stamp “Boch Freres La Louviere”



4.5″ T X 26″ Diameter

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