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Rust and Black Catteau Boch Vase Belgium

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This striking vase from the Boch Pottery works in Belgium, an example of “ceramic cloisonné” and was designed by Charles Catteau. Catteau was the” Father of Art Deco Design in Ceramics”, and his work was featured at the Paris Exposition des Artes Decoratif in 1925. This vase was most likely produced sometime in the years just after the exhibition. Boch Pottery is a source of great Belgian pride (after all, why should the French get ALL of the credit for the high design in that important era?) and in the past fifteen years many exhibits and museum collections have focused on the Boch Freres Ceramics. The company markings on the bottom are light, but visible and there is a style number hand rendered as well.



Heght 12. 5 inches
Width 7 inches

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