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Royal Rochester Modernistic Art Deco Pie Plate

Item #2260

An Art Deco Pie Plate by Royal Rochester in the “Modernistic Pattern” could make stunning wall decor , but was truly intended for baking and serving!  The Robeson Rochester/ Fraunfelter Chinaworks partnership of the early 1930s created entire lines of “useful” kitchen china that were of such high quality that they could be used in a hot oven, then placed in a decorative  nickel holder with handles and brought directly to the table.


Vintage Pie in the oven


It is guaranteed not to fade or craze in the heat…but we don’t imagine the collectors of “Royal Rochester” seriously plan to do any baking. It is just too perfect with its jazzy hand painted design and the way it captures the “art deco spirit”!


Please scroll though the rest of our Royal  Rochester pieces  as we have the full range at this time and are proud to be able to offer enough beautiful pieces for you to use and display!





10″ Diameter

Price (USD)

$ 700
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