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Elegant His Her travel vanity set luggage in leather

Item #1826

I just love these spectacular travel vanity sets. Should really be in a museum or the window of a Ralph Lauren shop. Outstanding design and a very cool two piece luggage set with original protective canvas covers. I don’t think this set was ever used. The finest black and red Moroccan leather in perfect condition. Highest quality brass hardware, locks and closures. Quality like this you only see done by companies like Hermes, Dupont and Gucci. There are no names on or markings on these, but if you look at the pieces you can see they are of the highest quality with high art deco design. Crystal bottles, black lacquer and gold details on each piece, gilded interiors f some pieces. Leather bound mirror, writing desk, manicure tools, note pads, jewelry box, brushes, bottles etc. etc. This is a wonderful two piece set and I was told, looking for a good home. If you want to travel in style you can’t find a more beautiful and luxurious set around.



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$ 3,000
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