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Czech Streamline Art Deco Decanter Set

Item #2804

A streamlined decanter set made in Czechoslovakia. It might be equally at home in a Mid Century environment but this is the high style of the late 1930s with black glass accents and concentric circles etched into the glass as a pleasing geometric pattern.


A special feature of this set?  Not only a tall decanter but twelve glasses (6 small and 6 larger). Now that’s rare!  Most sets have four or six glasses, and sometimes only a pair, so to find a group of twelve matching glasses is worth raising a toast!


hollywood cocktail book cover



Decanter 11.25″ t X 5″ W x 5″ D
Large glass 4″ T x 3″ W
Small glass 3.5″ T x 2.5″ W

Price (USD)

$ 1,400
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