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Czech Art Deco Decanter Set with Glasses

Item #2249

A very refined Art Deco Decanter with six shot glasses, all done in a modernist zig zag pattern -an interplay of etched lines and black designs. Pieces like this, produced in Czechslovakia in the  1920s and early 1930s are an enduring symbol of the jazz age style that came from Eastern Europe but somehow are often thought of as “French”. We know that France promoted Art Deco to the world through its major Exposition des Artes Decorative in 1925, but this type of stylish crystal flourished in Bohemia and was exported around the world.  The height of sophistication Darling !  And  I will toast to that!



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Decanter 9 inches tall
5.5 inches wide, 3.5 inches deep
shot glasses 2.5 inches tall, 2 inches wide

Price (USD)

$ 1,200
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