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Art Deco Etched Glass Vase with Stylized Women and Dogs

Item #2240

Magnificent Art Deco Glass Vase of a monumental size, this statement piece is amber blown glass with a faint sparkle of gold dust. The images are both elegant and whimsical  women with dogs, finely etched into  the glass. Each of the three women are rendered uniquely with different poses, the dogs are all similar.


Set in just the right place in your home where it can catch the light, it will really come to life.


There is a signature that we are still attempting to research (if you happen to recognize the name please let us know). The style is much like those creations by Orrefors and designed by Vicke Lindstrom but clearly the signature is neither of those names . It came to Art Deco Collection from an Italian curator.


Use of glass flourished in the art deco era, with  pressed, carved and etched creations from Italy, Sweden, Czechoslovakia and France contributing to the genre.





17 inches tall, 9 inches wide

Price (USD)

$ 2,000
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