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Art Deco Nude Sculpture with Tambourine by Guerbe

Item #2295

A petite art deco sculpture created in the early 1930s, sometimes referred to by the name “Esmeralda”. This piece is both athletic and feminine in its bold pose holding a tambourine high above her head.  The finish is patina green , mounted on a marble stand and the piece bears the signature Guerbe…which was the pseudonym of the prolific sculptor  Pierre Le Faguays. Also using the name Fayral (his mother’s family name) as well as Guerbe (his wife’s maiden name), his designs were produced in the foundry of his very close friend Max Le Verrier in France.  All of the works from this foundry have become “iconic” images that capture the very essence of Art Deco .


Why this sculptor used three different names is a bit of a mystery.  Perhaps it simply was a way to provide works to different markets.

All of his work is highly sought after today. Let this one sit on your desk, providing a bit of inspiration!










10.5″ Tall including base

Price (USD)

$ 1,500
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