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Art Deco French Terracotta Statue Penthesilea Queen of the Amazons, Signed Marcel Bouraine

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Huge terracotta sculpture by Marcel Bouraine known as ‘Penthesilea Queen of the Amazons’ signed Susse Frere’s Paris on original wood base. It was produced in both terracotta and in bronze. The terracotta is the rarer version because the material is more fragile than bronze. Incredible details and quality.


To see the bronze version, a slightly smaller edition,  rendered a little different.

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Depicted is a nude woman archer in Art Deco style and signed Bouraine on the front with seal of the  Susse Freres Paris on the foundry stamp. An authentic, original vintage piece circa 1930 and like so many of the great Art Deco sculptures, this example portrays the female figure with mythological point of view much like a Diana or Artemis from Greek or Roman mythology.


Marcel Bouraine (1886-1948, France): studied under Joseph Falguiere in France..He is highly regarded by Art Deco collectors and his works are usually in bronze or bronze and ivory or marble. He also worked with Argy Rouseau and created pate de verre lamps and sculptures. Bouraine was also a member of the Evolution Group. There is considerable information on his work online.



33″ W x 18.5″ T x 10″ D on wood stand

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