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Original bronze on marble by Edward Drouot Man fighting tiger

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This dramatic sculpture depicts a a man fighting back from the power of a tiger. Both subjects very physical. A wonderful bronze in every-way. They are doing this on a rock, encrusted with wonderfully detailed plants leaves as well. The patina is just great bronzy/gold and since this is a an all bronze piece, you can really feel the weight. These two a battling it out on a rock, but our warrior is clever as he keeps the beast away by using a wood tree trunk to keep the animal’s teeth off him. I certainly would not want to be in the middle of this little encounter. You can even see the fine stripes rendered in the tigers skin. Great signature and great marble base, guaranteed original.

Edouard Drouot, born in Sommevoire, France, April 3, 1859; deceased in Paris May 22, 1945. (He is described amply in “The Dictionary of Sculptors” by Pierre Kjellberg. His exhibitions at the Salon began in 1889. This sculpture has the following inscriptions: E. Drouot (sculptor); R. Patroilleau (editors); Salon des Beaux Arts (Paris). The condition of this piece is Excellent.




11″ tall x 4″ W x 5″ D

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