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Hagenauer Modernist Sculpture in Wood

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This Art Deco seated figure by Franz Hagenauer  is one of the most graceful designs to have come from the “Werkstatte Hagenauer of Wien”.Carved of oak, stained a rich reddish brown tone and mounted on a chrome base this piece is more elegant than whimsical, making it especially collectible.


The Hagenauer firm was founded by Carl Hagenauer in Austria, 1898. His son Karl became the head of the company in 1928 after having studied with Joseph Hoffman and winning bronze and silver medals at the Paris Expostion of 1925. His work was most prolific, including many “useful objects” such as  mirrors, cigar cutters, bookends and hood ornaments. He produced  humorous and playful figures  as well as highly stylized ultra modern sculptures.  He managed Hagenauer Werkstatte until his death in 1956.


Franz Hagenauer

Franz Hagenauer 

His younger brother, Franz, focused more specifically on sculpture, often drawing from African art as his inspiration. His long life ( 1906-1986  ) provided him with a long career and many of the most elegant Hagenauer pieces can be attributed to Franz.  Though both Karl and Franz produced many animal pieces, beautiful female forms were a specialty of Franz’s.  Spanish dancers, models, mythical goddesses and African natives were sources for his design.

Tala Birell with Hagenauer Sculpture

Actress Tala Birell  in 1933, posing with a Hagenauer Sculpture meant to depict her (while she is posed like a Hagenauer herself )

note the sharp “elbow” and the angle in the  bend of her wrist and the way in which her legs are crossed. 





12.25 inches tall 6.5 inches wide

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