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Art Deco Bronze the Rose Dancer by Zoltan Kovats

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This tall Art Deco sculpture by Zoltan Liszail Kovats captures the very essence of what made the nude statuary of the period so graceful and artistic. The draping of the fabric gives it drama  and movement and also accents the feminine form. To achieve this interplay of the cloth and the model, the patinated bronze in gold tone is a perfect way to showcase the woman as she sweeps her arm up to take in the scent of the roses in her hand.


Zoltan Kovats (sometimes spelled Kovacs) was born in 1883 in Hungary and throughout his career also worked in Austria, Belgium and France . He did a series of sculptures for Editions Reveyrolis of Paris and this is one of the series he produced for them in the early 1930s.  He is known for his pieces featuring beautiful women , often with a birds and flowers as the accent.


Nicely mounted on an amber onyx base on which the signature appears, it is in excellent condition with a smooth, unblemished patina in bright silver and gold.





16″ T x 6″ W x 3″ D

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