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Art Deco Firescreen with Andirons

Item #2381

A spectacular Art Deco fire screen with matching andirons that was custom made for   Done in the original French “fer forge” hand hammered style and embellished with all the zig zags and curves that make this such a great design.


Andirons hold the logs in place and give the hearth a wonderfully “finished” look, and the screen will look fabulous with a roaring fire behind it…or even simple amber “uplights” if you find yourself lighting fewer fires  these days  to “spare the air” .


The andirons can be placed inside for logs, but they can also be placed along side of the screen to extend the decorative element (as we have demonstrated in our photos).


So few craftsmen can still create iron pieces with this level of artistry and we are so lucky to have found one  to make these for us.


fireside deco couple

Peace and happiness to all who gather around the fireside”

A lovely sentiment, but honestly, they NEED a fire screen to protect and beautify their deco home! 




Screen 28″ Tall x 37.5″ Wide
Andirons 19″ Wide 16.75″ Tall

Price (USD)

$ 3,800
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