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Primavera Longwy Art Deco Ceramic Vase in Blue

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Blue Art Deco vase, made of ceramics. Atelier Primavera, Longwy. 
France, 1925. This vase was designed in 1919. “Les Grands Magasins du Printemps” is a fine Longwy Primavera Art Deco ceramic vase. Longwy made this French Art Deco vase for Atelier Primavera, the design studio of the Paris department store “Les Grands Magasins du Printemps”.


This fine ceramic cloisonne quality represents some of the best made and designed during this period. Longwy company is known for its precise details and clear color treatments.


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“Art Deco Keramik” Norbert and Georgette Poulain.
Exhibition 1981.
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13 “ T x 9.5” W at the girth.

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$ 2,400
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