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Art Deco Theater Sconces Cubist and Unique

Item #1410 SOLD

Wonderful and original Art Deco Theater Sconces. These were brought to me from a client here in SF, said she had them in storage for over 20 years and has never been able to use them. Anyone out there can use then? They are in perfect original condition. That creamy milk glass from the period with all this great zig zag, cubist metalwork. The metal work is in black but there is this wonderful kind of chinese red metal rosette at the bottom. It all sets it all off! They are stunning and large. Would be great for someone doing one of those “home theater and entertainment rooms”. Try to keep it real with these! I never did find out which theater, but obviously something modern and very stylized considering the cubist look of these. Each fixture holds 4 bulbs so you could get a lot of light. I recommend putting them on a dimmer and keep the light low, everything looks better that way!





24.5″T X 13.5″ W X 7.5″ B W X 8″ D

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