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Petitot Art Deco Copper and Peach Glass Chandelier

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Spectacular, dynamic and streamlined, this light fixture by Henri Petitot is one of the finest examples of French Art Deco to be found. Fashioned of rich copper that pairs beautifully with the etched peach glass and with the unique “wings” of glass that allow the illumination to create an interesting effect where the metal and glass intersect. It is almost hard to believe that this was produced in 1930- the condition is so flawless and the style is ultra contemporary (as well as thoroughly moderne and very Flash Gordon)

flash gordon




Atelier Petitot began with Antonin Petitot , the bronze artisan who founded his company in 1878. His son Henri took over the operation in 1917 and sold light fixtures in both a retail shop in Paris and through catalogues which distributed lamps not only in France but throughout Europe and even the United States. The metal work was really their forte, and they joined forces with the finest producers of glasswork in the 1930s including Muller, Sabino, Degue and Schneider.The glass is not always signed, as the arrangement made with Petitot allowed for them to privately label their designs.


Here is a page from their catalogue of 1930

which showed a sconce that could be ordered in chrome or copper and with the “wings”

of glass from Saint-Gobain company in a variety of colors.

henri petitot catalogue 1930s


and the original advertisement for their shop in Paris


Petitot Atelier




length is flexible- can be 24″ to 48″ (a telescoping technique allows adjustment)

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