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Pair of Art deco Streamline Wall Sconces by Dreyfuss for 20th Century Ltd. Train

Item #1461

This is a remarkable design and pair of lights that are very close to my heart. I don’t usually buy much in the way of American (industrial) lights, but these have a great pedigree. They were designed by famous industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss (who helped to shape the style and aesthetics of American culture). I have had a pair in my kitchen now for 15 years and I was fortunate to be able to purchase a quantity of these (I think we have 5 pairs). These great sconces designed by Dreyfuss for the 20th Century Ltd. train cars, they were attached to the walls next to the seats and projected the light downwards for reading. Great for next to a bed or on either side of a mirror or great with a pair over a sink.

20th Century Ltd Train Interior


20th Century Menu


The knobs in the center of the stems unscrew and the entire top lifts off to change the bulb. They have  newly polished aluminum, solid brass stem/screws and enameled glass.

depth: 3 in.
width/length: 5 in.




height: 9 in.
depth: 3 in.
width/length: 5 in.

Price (USD)

$ 1,800
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