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Art Deco Chandelier Silver Plated Female Decobelles

Item #3195


An Art Deco Chandelier with four silvered sculptural female nudes holding up a golden ball as the centerpiece. Four French pressed floral frosted glass shades and unusual metalwork throughout make this a truly unique lighting fixture. The women encircling the gold ball are beautifully rendered, so that this piece is both playful in its design but serious in its artistic execution. Even the scalloped canopy that attaches to the ceiling is a complementary part of the design.


There are many examples of Art Deco Female statues  holding a globe as a lamp or decorative sculpture.  One thing that sets apart the best examples are those in which the globe is not so big that it does not appear realistic for one woman to be holding a globe aloft . In this lovely chandelier, there are four women holding the ball in unison which makes the proportions exactly right.


We have titled this piece “Chandelier with Decobelles” as a tribute to the dance troupe in California that recreates the Busby Berkeley styled dance routines of the 1920s and 30s with their signature gold beach balls!  Yoiu can see them perform at Art Deco Society Events.  If you purchase this light fixture, every time you flip the switch you will have your own “special event” to enjoy.




To see the Decobelles performing “By a Waterfall” click the button below





41″ T 21.5″ W x 21.5″ D

Price (USD)

$ 3,000
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