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Stand Behind Art Deco Bar, Lectern or Reception desk!

Item #2067 SOLD

Stand-Behind Bar,  Lecturn, Reception Desk – Art Deco Styling


This original late 1930s bar is a newly restored  gem.  The rich use of woods with interesting grain arranged in patterns,  the stacked wood top and a touch of mirrored trim are two things that make this so attractive….but it’s all about  the shape! Could also be used as a reception desk in a restaurant or a podium if you are ready to give the big speech about “where does the martini come from” or “what is a classic martini?”
Ah, that classy V shaped design with diamond shaped mother of pearl inlays at both ends of the base.  This  is what makes this bar especially unique. In fact, it echoes and suggests the classic lines of  a martini glass…how clever!








43″ T x 43″ W x 21″ D

Price (USD)

$ 5,500
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