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Original Art Deco Oak Rolling Bar

Item #1809 SOLD

This art deco oak rolling bar is what I like most about this business. I have been specializing in Art Deco bars for maybe a million years now. I thing I’ve seen everything made, looking through the internet, books and spending about 25 years on the prowl. Well, here is one I know you haven’t seen before. This is about as amazing as you could imagine. Compact, rolling wheels, multi-faceted, lots of drawers, compartments and yet a remarkably small footprint. I’m not talking about “geo” footprint either. Dress this bar up with bottles, shakers, glasses etc. etc. etc. The only thing else you will need is a friend or two to appreciate how clever you are! Tell them “not for sale” only to enjoy.The shape is quite original, newly refinished Oak wood (yes but it looks good), horseshoe shape with a faceted front, original handles and all the trimmings. I’ll have mine extra extra dry!



36T x 20W x 19.5D
40″ D with top fully extended

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