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1930s American Art Deco Radio/Bar RadioBar glasses complete

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Here we have a 1930s RCA RadioBar. A very rare item and this one is particularly special, complete with all the original glass. I’ve only seen one in the last 15 years complete with everything, including cocktail shaker and bitters bottle. The glassware is in near perfect condition, no cracks, scratches or loss of silver. Every piece fits perfectly into the racks so when the bar is closed, everything is contained within. 4 styles of glasses: Rocks Glass, High Ball, Low ball and Shot glass. Additionally, there are 6 liquor bottles all titled as well: Gin, Vermouth, Scotch, Brandy, Rye & Bourbon, the most popular alcohol of the period for sure.


It originally had a radio AND was a cocktail bar, But some sophisticated entertainer removed the original radio to make room for more bottles. They all had Philco style tube radios (not something used too much today, but still available if you wanted to fit this with one).


It’s just the kind of thing that one would expect to find in the office of a 1930s Hollywood “businessman”. In fact, you can see an example of a RadioBar in action in the film “Angels With Dirty Faces” (1938) with James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart. The RadioBar makes its appearance early in the film (see pics below) as the focus of attention in the office. The iconography of those old-time Hollywood gangster films required that the gangster’s office be decorated with impeccable modern props. As well, a RadioBar makes an appearance in the film “Gold Diggers of 1933″. The RadioBar is seen when “gold digger” Carole (Joan Blondell) puts the moves on Jonathan Bradford (Warren Williams) in her art-deco styled flat.


The idea behind the RadioBar dates back to the days of Prohibition (which was repealed in 1933) – make a functional piece of furniture in which one’s liquor stock and glasses could be stored, out of sight. It was aimed at the more affluent of the Depression years and built as a fine piece of furniture. In addition, it presented a novel way to conceal the cocktail bar.


Walnut Finish Cabinet • Removable Aluminum Ice Container • Interior Light • All fittings, bottle holders and glass racks are of heavy chromium plate. All glassware complete




Size when closed: 43½” high, 27″ wide, 13″ deep • Size when opened: 54″ high, 45″ wide.

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