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Art Deco Macassar and Pergamino Bar or Buffet Cabinet

Item #2476

An Art Deco cabinet , custom made for Art Deco Collection with rich macassar wood and a butter yellow pergamino facing can be used in a range of ways. Great storage bar, or In an office to hold papers and printers, in the bedroom for storing clothes, in the dining room with stacks of china and crystal or in the family room to house music and video components. Of course, it would make a great looking bar as well.


What makes this piece especially unique is the interplay of wood with deep graining and smooth pergamino which is a parchment that has been toned and varnished with a criss-cross design. Use of pergamino (or “parchment”) adds a beautiful, historic technique to the finished piece. The wood on the surface is highly polished and gleaming.





42″ wide
17.5″ deep
36″ tall

Price (USD)

$ 3,500
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