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Wurlitzer 61 Countertop Jukebox Restored Working 1939

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Wurlitzer model 61 countertop Jukebox restored working circa 1939 by Paul Fuller. All original and working perfectly. Great looking tabletop, holds 12 78rpm records with all the lights, sound, selectors and rejecting records working like they should. These tabletops are amazing engineering accomplishments at the time. The records are raised up and down until the correct location is found, the arm gently inserts itself between records for playback. The records play for 5 cents per song and after 4 selections, you get 3 free selections. Kind of crazy.


These countertop machines have become very rare to find (especially in working order) and I’ve seen this specific model being offered for over $17,500 dollars, here in USA where they were made. Possibly much higher in other countries.


This exact machine was featured at the San Francisco Airport museum show on Art Deco that our shop helped to stage (over 30 cases, vintage car & bar in the United Terminal) a couple of years back, here is a photo from the actual show.


To see some images from our San Francisco show click here.


Wurlitzer 61 Table Top Jukebox Restored Working 1938



22″ T x 21″ W x 18″ D

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