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Art Deco Enamel and Chrome 8 Day Clock

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A great looking Art Deco Clock that utilizes industrial elements for a decorative look. Enameled in classic, pale “Deco Green” with the interplay of chrome bands and details, it is a unusual clock  and it works well. The face has no numbers, but a series of lines in graduated sizes tells time perfectly


A clever creation popular in the 1920s and 30s was the “8 Day Clock” that needed only to be wound once a week. This gave a clean line, unencumbered by electrical plugs and wires so it can look just perfect placed on a desk, vanity or fireplace mantle.


Simple elegant and useful, this clock from the 1930s would add a note of style to your rooms. It has a streamlined 1930′s origin but there is something that is postmodern/new wave about it at the same time.



9 ” tall
6″ wide

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