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Amsterdam School Art Deco Clock

Item #1876 SOLD

I really am interested in this particular design period.  Amsterdam school design objects are pretty rare and hard to find.  It was an amazing period for the Dutch and there are many landmark buildings (Tuchinski  CinemaTheater) and objects that were designed for personal use as well.

Dutch: Amsterdamse School  is a style of architecture that arose from 1910 through about 1930 in the Netherlands. The Amsterdam School movement is part of international Expressionist architecture, sometimes linked to German Brick Expressionism. 

This clock has an 8 day key movement that works and can also chime, with this very stylized art deco face and unusual case design, it is a stunning example of one of my favorite original art deco periods.

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12″ W x 10″ T x 5″ W

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