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Original trio of French Modernist Musicians designed by Primavera

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Enjoy this extremely rare trio of cubist musicians designed by Primavera. Sold in France circa 1930′s, this group can really swing. Unusual juxtaposition in size, cubist details executed in a cream ceramic with accents in silver enamel. They even have just a touch of the stylized black jazz musicians, a scene which was very popular and documented in France during this period. Each piece is signed on the bottom Primavera, France. They make a great display, since each piece is slightly different in size and final details: Drummer, Guitarist (Django) and Saxophone player (I think that is the big berry saxs). Lot of sensitive details to design and capturing the feeling of the period! They go great with some Cole Porter and a dry martini!


Primavera An atelier or design firm that was on the cutting edge during the deco period. Worked with many of the great French designers and department stores like Printemps, Pomone for Bon Marche.



1) drummer 16″ T x 4″ R
2) guitarist 13″ T x 3″ D
3) saxophone 11″ T x 3″ D

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