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Art Deco Black Jazz Musicians Ceramic Sculpture Set

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Ceramic Figurines of Art Deco Era Black Jazz Musicians by Cerabel Porcelaine works of Belgium. In the 1920s and 1930s there was a tremendous fascination and celebration of American Jazz, especially that created by Black entertainers. Not only the music, but the personal styles and fashions of Josephine Baker, Cab Callalway, Duke Ellington and so many others which became popular icons that found their way into fine arts of the period.




Cab Calloway

Cerabel is a company with its roots in the 1800s and the foundry of Porcelaine de Badour. In 1934 it became “Cerabel”, the Belgian Ceramic Society and introduced stylized figures in dynamic poses  like the set of Four Jazz Musicians  including singer in a top hat, guitarist, accordionist and saxophone player. Rendered in high glaze, they make a striking  group of individual statuettes  which you can arrange any way you choose  on a mantle or shelf for display.





Josephine Baker







Each measures 8″ tall, 9″ with top hat
6″ wide, or 8 ” with guitar

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