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Art Deco Amethyst Decanter Set

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An Art Deco decanter and glasses in a rare color of amethyst made in  Czechoslovakia,in the  1930s. This elegant set includes a vessel, tall and slim with  a subtle black line design. It’s a departure from the thick crystal with carved embellishment or the wildly patterned modernist decanter sets we also feature. This one has just a hint of smokey purple hue and a quiet sophistication.


Cocktail from Amethyst Decanter


The set includes four glasses ,plus  an “extra” glass for you. Fill this one with eau de vie or a light liquor to let the color of the glass catch the light. The stepped treatment at the base and neck of the decanter as well as the stopper are high deco style.




Decanter 15″ tall
Glasses 4″tall

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