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Catteau Ceramic Cloisonne Boch Vase

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This spectacular piece of Boch Pottery was featured in the “Life and Style” exhibition at the SFO Museum at the San Francisco International Airport. Rendered in the unique style of “Ceramic Cloisonne” that emulated the ancient Japanese technique but with baked enamel colors on pottery and made most famous during the Paris “Exposition des Artes Decorative” in 1925, this is a signed vase by Charles Catteau, the master of the style.


The large size and bold abstract floral pattern make this one especially collectable. On exhibit nearly all last year, we are finally able to present this vase to our clients !


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Read more about the SFO Exhibit:




Catteau at SFO Museum

Catteau Exhibit SFO Museum Show

catteau exhibit at SFO Museum




14″ tall, 10″ wide

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