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Daum Nancy Art Deco Cameo Acid Etched French Museum Glass

Item #2327

A Daum cameo  glass vase in “baluster form”  etched  in high relief. Rich petrol blue overlaid on a milky white background and a most impressive size, standing a full 15.25 inches tall ! This monumental piece, created in 1925 for the Paris Exposition des Art Decoratif, has an intricately carved design of fruit and flowers and the clear signature “Daum Nancy” along with the ” Cross of Lorraine”.


The Daum company began in 1878, rose to prominence at the turn of the century winning the medal of honor in 1900 . The techniques of ” pate de verre “, of acid etching and the embrace of Art Nouveau styling made Daum one of the most popular and important  glass companies in the world. Daum, and its rival Lalique, were the French masters that did so much to elevate the art of glass and to establish the  rise of “Art Deco” design through the ‘teens,  the 1920s and 1930s.


Antonin Daum

 Antonin Daum


The Daum Freres (Antonin and Auguste) led the development of Art Nouveau and early Art Deco design in glass vases, bowls and lamps and they promoted their creations through a series of world expositions in which they participated and won acclaim.


Daum Trade Card


Cameo glass employs the technique of using layers of colored glass  then etching or carving away the darker top layer in patterns to reveal the lighter color beneath. This Daum vase is an outstanding example of that craft.


Daum Nancy Art Deco Cameo Acid Etched French Museum Glass


At auction, Daum pieces, especially those with the appellation “Daum Nancy” bearing the “Croix de Lorraine” command consistently high prices. The vase we are proud to  present  was last sold at Christies in 1989 for the price of $10,000 with a value that has increased since that time. This is truly museum quality, perfect for a serious collector of beautiful art glass.






15.25″ T x 12″ W x 12″ D (38″ around)

Price (USD)

$ 12,500
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