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Daum Modernist French Art Deco Deep and Thick Acid Etched Glass

Item #1580

Daum Nancy Acid-etched Glass circa 1930′s, nice simple geometric shape with heavy, cast acid etching and acid wash on the outside. Typical for Daum pieces from this period. This color is usually called “topaz’ tint with flared top and washed throughout the front surface..The thick walls house fine specs of gold color floating throughout. Fully signed around the bottom edge DAUM NANCY FRANCE with the croix de Lorraine


About Daum Glass
Daum excelled in the production of Art Deco glassware and its designers favoured geometric forms as well as thicker and more transparent glass which contrasted with slender shapes and flowing lines of Art Nouveau glassware so popular at the turn of the century.. In the 1920s, the Art Nouveau colours inspired by nature changed to the colours which dominated contemporary abstract paintings, such as topaz, blues and ambers. Designs were increasingly monochromatic and variations of moon white, beige, glacier blue and light yellows were particularly popular. Vases, bowls and lamp shades no longer relied on the glassblowing technique but were cast and decorated with cut and acid-etched stylised patterns, as illustrated by this vase. The new manager Paul Daum was chemist by training and experimented with the use of hydrofluoric acid to vary surface textures of the glass. Towards the middle of the 1920s, friezes, volutes, curved beams or chevron patterns gave rhythm to compositions. Fully signed around the bottom edge DAUM NANCY FRANCE with the croix de Lorraine



6.5″dia x 4.75″h

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$ 1,000
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