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French Advertising Fan- Domergue

Item #2273 SOLD

Famous original French Advertising Fan promoting the department store Galleries Lafayette. This unique piece is printed on both sides, with designs by two prominent artists whose signatures appear in the lower corners: Gabriel Ferro and Jean-Gabriel Domergue . Both artists were well known for their oil paintings of the period. Ferro was  known for street scenes and Domergue for sumptuous portraits of beautiful women and dancers frequently featured on posters and magazines of the era. One side shows a lovely flapper peering into a mirror. The other side is beautiful woman sitting on top of the world and this text:


Ne Vendre Que Du Bon, Le Meilleur Marche Possible

voila le pricipe fondamental strictement appliqu qui a provoque le prodigieux essor

seule maison du monde dont le chiffr d’affaires annuel depasse le milliard de francs milliard!


The wooden spines are all in good condition and the fan opens and closes easily. This one was recently displayed in a major museum exhibition entitled “Life and Style in the Age of Art Deco”, and is one of the finest examples of French fashion and graphic design!


SFO Museum Fan Display




Fan measures 10″ by 9″ open

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$ 100
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