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Art Deco Diana Huntress and Leaping Gazelle by Le Verrier

Item #2681

This is Diana the Huntress, a theme often repeated in Art Deco folklore. The title is “Atalante” and this is what makes this piece so spectacular: It has the style, small size, and all the elements. The quality is of the best petite bronze metal with special green patina, very heavy and well made. The movement of the piece shows elegance and substance. Diana is in a wonderful pose, one leg extended and holding a most fluid-shaped bow. She appears to be effortlessly aiming her arrow at the leaping and graceful Gazelle.There are stamps “made in France” on the back by the legs.


The sculpture is signed Demarco and the piece was made at the Le Verrier foundry which created the epic sculptures most associated with the great Art Deco period in France. Le Verrier’s foundry produced not only his own work but that of several famed Deco Sculptors including Le Faguays ( who also used the names Fayral and Guerbe) and Bouraine .


New information explains that this piece, entitled “Atalante” is signed by “De Marco” who is not the artist, but rather a nom de plume…an alias created to signify that this is a pairing of two statues:  a figure of Diana by Marcel Bouraine and the gazelle designed by Max Le Verrier.  This was confirmed by the owner of a letter of propriety from Bouraine to LeVerrier establishing the sale of the Diana to be produced by Atelier Le Verrier.



16″ W x 13″ T x 4″ D

Price (USD)

$ 2,600
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