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L. Carver Panther Art Deco Sculpture Bronze Black Patina

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Extremely rare black panther sculpture by Louis Albert Carvin circa 1930.  This is an example of  pure cubist style in black patina, portraying a  panther drinking water from pond. This cold painted bronze shows the color distinctions of the panther, the rocks and the water. This fierce cast feline  has detailed musculature but a  relaxed pose. It exudes a sense of an animal in the wild.


The body is a gleaming black  with a  slight bronze cast, a strong look and oversized paws, artistically rendered by a sculptor who spent a life time studying the form and style of animals associated in the Art Deco period.  This piece carries on the tradition of Bugatti, Sandoz and Jouve in  helping to depict and preserve these strong and important animals.




L. Carver Panther Art Deco Sculpture Bronze Black Patina


Louis-Albert Carvin, 1875 – 1951

A  French sculptor dedicated to the modeling of human and animal figures. He was a member of the Society of French Artists, exhibited at the fairs of this society from the late nineteenth century until 1933. Receiving an Honorable Mention in 1894. He is also the author of multiple sculptures of deer, deer, lions, lions, panthers, birds, cats, dogs (especially wolf dogs), less frequently, and also exceptional horses.



22″ Wide x 12″ Tall x 6″ Wide

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