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Art Deco Kneeling Female Form Bronze by Sibylie May

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Art Deco kneeling female form in bronze by Sibylie May, executed in the rare brown patina. It is Signed Sibylie May in the bronze, with foundry mark Albert Buisson. Excellent condition, cubist and angular treatments rendered and stylized from every angle.  Information on the life of Sibylie May is scarce in the historic literature. The sculptor worked in the interwar period in France (from 1925 to 1935).


May was part of the Arthur Goldscheider launched group of artists “La Stele” and “L’Evolution” and was known  for her  Cubism influenced statuettes and the style of Art Deco in other decorative items.


Some of her angular ceramic figures were decorated in subtle monochromatic hues by her friend and colleague of the group La Stele, Edouard Czauz. She also collaborated with sculptor Pierre Le Faguays. A stunning figure, styled with all of the nuance and outright Art Deco feeling.  !!!!



8.75″ W x 5.5″ T x 3.5″ D

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