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Art Deco French Bronze Panther Statue by Ouline

Item #2561 SOLD

Dynamic Bronze statue by Alexander Ouline of a panther mounted on marble.  Ouline was a Belgian artist, working in France from 1918- 1940, famous for his powerful sculptures of  muscular “men in action” and sleek animals ready to pounce.




The panther was a popular, iconic animal of the Art Deco period, so often used as a symbol of speed and strength. Ouline captures the physicality of the panther, the look of determination on its face and renders it in beautifully patinated bronze. Other works of Online’s are done in spelter metal, but this one in bronze is highly collectable and valuable.


The signature  that bears his name is firmly cut into the marble base which is nicely designed in a stepped pattern that adds to the style of the piece.



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