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Art Deco Painting Woman and 3 Greyhounds by Yves

Item #2673

This large Art Deco artwork, 6.5 feet wide, captures all the elements of the era. The painting has been done on board mounted on a wooden frame with silvered gilding as the background and a glamorous woman wearing the fashion of the day with her three sleek Greyhound dogs as the subject matter.


The streamlined leaping dogs along with the  dynamic rendering of wind whipping through her hair, her gown, the trees and  clouds behind her gives the piece both motion and style.


At 78 inches wide and 38 inches tall, this would make a spectacular “back bar”, or a stunning entry way mural perfect for a large home space, office or hotel.


A French design, found in Argentina, It is signed by Yves , emblematic of the decorative arts of the late 1920s and  early 1930s.



78″ W x 38″ T

Price (USD)

$ 7,500
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