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Modernistic Art Deco Royal Rochester Batter Bowl

Item #2258

Batter Up! This beautiful Batter Bowl by Royal Rochester for it’s Modernistic Tableware line is a rare find.  It was designed to be part of a dynamic trio of “useful” designs for the Art Deco Home. The waffle iron, batter bowl and syrup dispenser are uniquely stylized , highest quality,  well made items intended for the kitchen, but more recently  featured in a museum as part of the “Life and Style in the Age of Art Deco” exhibition at the SFO Museum at the San Francisco Airport.


Here is a promotional photo showing all three items:


Royal Rochester Waffle Set



Modernistic Art Deco Royal Rochester Batter Bowl

The bowl has a graceful , tapered shape, the edges decorated in a riot of  twelve colors  in bold decoration plus a fine gold rim. Its a wonderful “stand alone” piece but you may want to consider the marriage of a Modernistic, Royal Rochester brand Waffle Iron and Syrup Dispenser (also for sale on our site) .





7.5″ wide
5 ” tall

Price (USD)

$ 600
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