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Glass and Chrome Streamlined vase by Riecke

Item #1294

A distinctive vase, fashioned of heavy etched glass with chrome handled accent. This is another of our collection of pieces that were once used, and perhaps sold, through the legendary La Coupole Restaurant in Paris. La Coupole was founded in 1927 and once a leading center of artistic life. La Coupole is now the epitome of the grand Paris brasserie in Montparnasse. Former patrons included Josephine Baker, Henry Miller, Dalí, Calder, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Picasso. Some of the artists painted on the columns, or added their creations to the decor.


This glass vessel bears the signature of the artist A.Riecke, a Russian who lived and worked in Paris in 1937, the name and date are etched in the glass as part of the decorative detail.




15.75 tall, 4″ wide, 4″ deep

Price (USD)

$ 3,500
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