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Galia for Christofle Silver Bowl with Rams Head

Item #3061

Galia silver-plate bowl with stylized rams or bird head design repeated all around the 8 sided shaped bowl. Unique piece made of highest quality Christofle construction. An unusual finish that is hammered in the body and smooth in the details of the rams head connected to each other using a repeated wing pattern. Gallia was in many ways a more artistic division of Christofle. Typically the pieces I’ve seen over the years were always a slightly more unusual design.


The quality of this piece is exceptional. It has a great heavy feeling when you hold it and the over-all design is unique. Gallia is a brand name of a copper-tin alloy and using the patented technique of electroplating, it was possible to be covered with silver. Gallia was used by Christofle to appeal to a wider market. It was during the Art Deco period that helped turn Christofle into one of the most successful silver, tableware, and design companies during this period.





9.5″ W x 3.25″ T

Price (USD)

$ 1,800
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