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1937 Streamline Art Deco Butterfly Wurlitzer Baby Grand

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I’ve been waiting for one of these for over 5 years! The wait is over! Many industrious companies have tried all kinds of decorative design developments throughout time. Wurlitzer is another great American company and extremely innovative in this way. During the Art Deco period, owner Rudolph Wurlitzer working with other innovators, experimented with new piano designs, electronics and many new technologies. They developed not only great acoustic pianos but also some of the first electric pianos.

This Wurlitzer Butterfly piano with its unique winged shaped design is probably one of the most successful and sought after Art Deco innovations developed during this period. Manufactured and designed around 1937, no one really knows how many were made in this model (I’ve heard a rumor there were 75). The butterfly was made in at least 2 different sizes, (73 keys, in art deco, duncan phyfe and Louis XVth style cases) the one offered here is by far the most professional version of this piano (standard 88 key) and of course, most valuable.

Of all the Wurlitzer Butterfly Pianos I’ve seen, this model has the best detailing. The design of the music stand mimics the streamline banding around the case. The design of the wood that backs the pedals has great art deco detailing as well. The walnut is beautiful, warm and deeply grained.The original matching bench is included. This piano sounds and plays great. There are very few of these pianos left in existence today. They are very rare and desirable among collectors and musicians alike. This piano is tuned to standard concert pitch, and can be used as a normal piano for daily use. It has impressive volume and tone, considering its size. The piano comes from the original owner’s children who have owned it for the life of the piano, it is in remarkable original condition. There are no cracks in the sound board and all of the parts are intact including the rare wood baffles that cover the inside of the butterfly top. All with original finish and very very nice. The original keys are made of ivory.



36″ tall
48″ long

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