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Art Deco Collection Custom Carpets • The Martini Club Rug

Item #10

There is an interesting story to this delightful heirloom-quality carpet. Amazingly, this treasure-of-a-rug almost slipped through our fingers. We found (by sheer luck) a small patch of the original carpet, (it measured only only 24″ X 32″) and were immediately struck by the design, the complex details and of course, the fun of it all! So we developed an incredible carpet in an exact likeness of the original. At the same time we created another rug using the same pattern details but with a different color combination (please see detail page). The Martini Club Rug is a great conversation piece and would be absolutely perfect in a bar or game room. It has been handmade by our master rugmakers using only the purest dyes and finest wools. This, as well as many of our other carpets, may be created in other sizes and color combinations. Due to the intricacy of the rugmaking process and our high standards of craftsmanship, our rugs require approximately three months to complete. Prices range from approximately $7,000 to $12,000 depending upon the size and complexity of design.



91″ Wide X 98″ Long (7′ 7″ X 8′ 2″)

Price (USD)

$ 7,500
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