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Art Nouveau Loetz Glass Vase with Metalwork

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Pair of Art Nouveau green glass Loetz vases with decorative metalwork mountings and handles that are a beautiful example of the iridescent , opalescent and elegant pieces made between 1905 and 1920. It is rare to locate a matching pair of anything in glass, still intact and in excellent condition ,  so this set  is quite a find!  Art glass in this style from Bohemia (a general area that includes Czecho-Slovakia, Austria, Hungary) is often referred to as Jugendstil – a design movement that was graceful and lyrical and yet was the harbinger  of the geometric Art Deco Designs that would evolve in the following decades.


Maybe  it is because of this interesting relationship between Nouveau , Jugendstil and Deco that we find ourselves suddenly so fascinated by it ! So while other Antique Dealers are beginning to offer more Mid-Century pieces, we are now drawn back to the Art Nouveau and we will be posting other treasures we have found as well.  Look for our silver sets, mirrors and centerpieces too!


Loetz was the premier  glass manufacturer in Bohemia during the  Jugendstil period, from 1890 to 1920. Founded in 1850 by  Susanne Loetz, the widow of Johann Loetz  the company became known for its innovative techniques, organic forms, and bold use of color. It’s interesting to note that Johann Loetz never created pieces in the factory that bears his name. And it is important to recognize that this, like  most of Loetz  glass work, is not signed, but through research we can identify the country of origin and the era… and would place this pair of vases as having been made around 1905-1910.





“By 1889, Loetz was one of the region’s leading glassmakers. That year, the company took first prize at the Paris Exhibition for its classic  forms  often with swirling, organic-looking shapes like seashells, flowers, and tree trunks. Decorative vases, wine glasses and pitchers were other popular objects  in the Loetz line and many of the pieces practically glowed thanks to their iridescent sheen from the firing and reduction techniques that were popular at the time. For its contributions to the field, Loetz was awarded the grand prize at the Paris World Exhibition in 1900″





15″ tall
7.5 ” wide including armatures

Price (USD)

$ 3,800
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